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dr. chad alexander
Dr. Chad Alexander, D.R.S.

Expert Small Business Strategist


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Dr Chad executive strategistLet’s face it, there are thousands of business consultants and coaches to choose from.  My clients choose me because I am also a small business owner.  I don’t just guide my clients, I develop them and make them better leaders.  I help them create a plan of action with clear results and then work closely with them to achieve those results.

From the moment you get on the phone with me, you’ll begin to sense a different approach to our relationship. While many other business mentors and coaches begin with a hard sales pitch and promises of increased sales and busier service providers, my approach is very different. I start the conversation learning about you and your business. What are your long-term goals? Where are you stuck? Together, we’ll map out a detailed course of action, including costs and timelines.

Of all the entrepreneurs that request to work with me, I only accept about 20%.  I conduct a no-charge, no-obligation strategy session with all potential clients to determine if we are a good fit for each other.  It gives us both the opportunity to see if we will work well together.  This is only one of the determining factors I use when I choose whom to work with.  I only accept clients that I absolutely believe I can help and benefit.

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