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dr. chad alexander
Dr. Chad Alexander, D.R.S.

Entrepreneur - Speaker - Mind Science Teacher


Dr. Chad Alexander

a.k.a. The Real Dr. Chad

Dr Chad executive strategist

Business Strategist

Let’s face it, there are thousands of business consultants and coaches to choose from. Dr. Chads clients choose him because he is also a (multiple) small business owner. He doesn't just guide his clients, he develops them. He helps create a plan of action with clear results and then works with them to achieve those results.

chad alexander professional speaker

Professional Speaker

As a top motivational speaker, Dr. Chad has delivered speeches to more than 500,000 people over the past 20 years including corporate audiences, university student orientations, graduating high school students and more. Whatever your event, Dr. Chad knows how to connect and inspire audiences of all sizes.

virtual counselor

Personal Development

Even with a plan, great marketing and a perfect operational process, that does not necessarily mean you will be happy. At the end of the day what each of us truly desire is happiness. For most business owners happiness gets exchanged for stress and anxiety. A proper mindset and life balance is crucial to business success.

virtual counselor

Virtual Counselor

Everyone in life needs advice once in a while. He's an interfaith ordained minister qualified in performing pastoral virtual counseling services. He's worked with many couples and officiated the weddings of some young couples. Family counseling, grief counseling and family counseling are among his specialties.

Dr. Chad Alexander's Clients Love to Speak For Him

janelle mason coaching client

"For years I worked with clients on-on-one and earned 6-figures per year doing what I love but I was struggling to grow my business past where it was. I started working with Dr. Chad to create a marketing strategy to grow my business. With Dr. Chad's strategy and unique approach to the coaching business I was able to actually work half as much and I am now earning almost 3 times what I was! My clients are getting better results and I am so happy with how successful my business has become."

Janelle Mason

Executive Coaching

Carl Johnson

"Before meeting Dr. Chad I had just gone through splitting up with business partners.  I was really feeling down about my situation and had many doubts about starting my own dealership.  After just one conversation with Chad I felt like I could take on the world!  He helped me realize that my circumstances didn't have to dictate my mental state.  He has helped me in ways I could've never imagined.  I am truly grateful for all that he has done for me and my recent business success."

Carl Johnson

Automotive Dealership

"I immigrated to United States 8 years ago.  I was working to clean houses and offices and worked 12-14 hours a day doing all work myself.  When meeting Chad I found good things from him.  He teach me how to grow business and help me grow to 5 employees and one million dollars for sales.  I am so happy with Chad help and feel blessed for having him with me to guide me and teach me things I do not know.  Thank you Dr. Chad for all you do!"

Donna Garridan

Janitorial Business

couples counseling

"After 6 years, me and Steve seemed to be growing apart.  We had been to couples counseling before but we just fell back to old routines after a while.  A friend recommended I give Dr. Chad a call.  I figured we had nothing to lose.  From the very first conversation I knew he was no ordinary counselor.  It's been more than 3 years now and Steve and I are still together and feeling like we just fell in love. He got right to the heart of the problem like no one I've ever met!"

Karen & Steve Grishom

The Written Thoughts of Dr. Chad Alexander

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